Autism A Deadly Disease (Danger Of Autism)

Autism A Deadly Disease
Autism A Deadly Disease

Autism A Deadly Disease (Danger Of Autism)

Autism is a deadly disease 


Part :- 1

Most of the victims are children

A conservative estimate is that one in every hundred people has an autism spectrum disorder
According to Canadian researchers, one in 90 young people suffers from autism
Remember that this disease is found in every part of the world and its victims are indiscriminate
In 1943, an American psychologist first named autism as an incomplete mental condition after researching a group of children.
Autism means mental disability
A mental disability that is an incomplete mental condition for life
Although there are many friends who claim treatment, but take into consideration my objectives and ground realities
The symptoms of this disease appear in the first two and a half to three years
This is the speech disability of the child.
Meet people.
And it affects his behavior.
Autism is tentatively linked to medical conditions, but despite all its advances, science has been unable to pinpoint its exact cause.
very important
If a child is affected by autism, he/she has difficulty speaking
That is, the child will not be able to speak at all or will describe his response in broken words and incoherent words
Difficulty meeting
The child will prefer to be alone. He will also avoid making eye contact with people
There will be difficulty in expressing behavior and thoughts
The child will be thoughtless
He will not be able to take appropriate behavior according to the circumstances and events
There will be irregularity in the sensitivity system

Part  :- 2

Autism is a deadly disease 

Children with autism have certain symptoms

Deprivation of the feeling of the presence of people around you.
Lacking a sense of seasonal intensity.
Expressing displeasure at anything unusual.
Do not attract a child in the presence of children
And sometimes it happens that contrary to these symptoms, the affected child may also have extraordinary abilities.
Scholars have described three types of the disease
number one
Artistic disorder

According to scholars, this spectrum is known as classic autism
Children and individuals with this disorder have abnormalities in the sensory system
If it is explained further, it would be something like this
Force Basra-Shama. Taste and touch.
Maintaining balance and indifference in the use of other objects
Difficulty speaking or stuttering
or other unusual behaviors are involved
Such people are also commonly affected by intellectual disabilities
This is a severe form of autism and is the most common type.

Asperger’s syndrome

Friends with this disorder struggle to understand and interpret social norms
Often develop intense obsessive interests in one or two subjects
And friends suffering from this disorder may suffer from sensory system problems

Procedural Developmental Disorder

Doctor friends pay attention to this type
This type of autism is known as atypical autism
In the recent past, most psychologists used the terms developmental disorders and autism spectrum interchangeably
A similar diagnosis was made for NOS-PDD patients who are on the autism spectrum.

Part :- 3

In this part of the article, we will focus on the causes of this disease and methods that help in its diagnosis and treatment
Although the post will be a little long, but read it with courage.
Important point
ASD is associated with abnormalities in brain development before birth and during the first few years of life
If we study deeply, we can find more than one person in the same family suffering from this disease
That is, I want to ask you this.
It can be said that this disease is also related to heredity
In most people, a complex interaction of multiple genes results in the disease
These genes vary among families of affected individuals
Some children’s brains develop differently than we imagine
for example .
It is not a mental illness
These kids are not rude
Parental ignorance does not cause ISD
If you will focus on assessment
The diagnosis of this disease in children is very complicated
That is, no one can say that a child has ASD by looking at the condition
Diagnostic Aids Methods
Observing children.
Communicating with parents
Documenting development and behavior
Remember that there are no laboratory tests to diagnose this disease
It takes us one to five years to treat a child with autism
If treated with care and understanding, the patient gradually progresses towards improvement
Pay attention to the father of such patients.
If you want your child to live a comparatively better life
So reduce the atmosphere of tension at home
And only you can do it
You develop tolerance within yourself and completely ignore all negative things
And restore the atmosphere of peace in the house
The mother of such patients should pay attention
Without the support of parents in the treatment of autism, the patient’s life cannot be improved
Most of the current medical treatments rely on the pulse
Either they get a few tests done
But in the above case we
Physical examination test
These can be quite helpful in understanding the disease
Important request
In this disease, you can improve the patient’s life journey with proper treatment


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