Home Remedies To Treat Blood Pressure

Home Remedies To Treat Blood Pressure
Home Remedies To Treat Blood Pressure

In this article, four such simple home remedies are presented to those who are very worried because of high blood pressure and then think that what should be done, first of all, in case of high blood pressure, consult your doctor. Or consult a doctor and only after that you should use these prescriptions. Inshallah, it is hoped that your high blood pressure will become normal soon and within a few days you will get rid of blood pressure disease forever. Here are some Home Remedies To Treat Blood Pressure.

The first treatment for pressure is this: While sleeping at night, soak seven dry potatoes in a glass of water and cover the glass for the whole night and wake up in the morning, eat potatoes and drink water regularly for a week. Use it, God willing, it will normalize high blood pressure.

Ginger, Garlic Sauce

Another remedy for high blood pressure is: Take mortar and add mint, ginger, garlic and anardana in equal quantity and make a sauce by coating these things well and then use this sauce with food. Allah will remove the complaint of high blood pressure.

The third remedy for high blood pressure is: Take two garlic cloves in the morning and then use it with curd. The fourth and last remedy for high blood pressure is this:

Take a blender and add equal amounts of koza misri, fennel and turmeric to it and grind it well and save it. Then use half a teaspoon after eating in the morning and in the evening. Inshallah blood pressure will be normal.

Start consuming more simple foods. The human skin is affected by what is known as Echterus Scabies, hence the name Scabies. This karma is transferred from one person to another person, which is the reason why the house where this disease occurs takes over one person after another.

In March, April and September, October, while human blood is also associated with seasonal variation, this disease engulfs the slums in epidemic form. As we have poor sewage disposal systems, sewage Drains run close to homes, and now this dirty and chemical-laden water from factories and homes is used to irrigate crops and grow vegetables, increasing disease severity.

There is no sunshine, where there is a lot of humidity and dust… such hostels, hotels, madrassa residences where carpets are laid and there is no arrangement for cleaning them… such madrassas and hostels where hot chili spices and sick animals are kept. Meat is used a lot. When a person, male or female, gets sick, it quickly infects others.

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