How To Use Turmeric and Kachoor

How To Use Turmeric and Kachoor
How To Use Turmeric and Kachoor

How To Use Turmeric and Kachoor

Every medicine that comes in the form of root has a healing effect. But the strength and energy that is found in the root is rarely found in anything else. The same is true of turmeric and kachoor. These are both common cheap items but we have forgotten them and we have put them in the back and added colorful boxes and colorful capsules to our lives, a small event that may surprise you and your Change the angle of thinking, I will offer it at your service.

This is the story of a man. Listen to him
A gentleman came to me. Before that he was a wrestler. He spent his whole life in the arena and wrestling. Now forced to start using various medicines, painkillers in life, the effect was very much on the kidneys, liver and stomach, a sincere wise old doctor immediately forbade these medicines. Someone introduced me at a marriage ceremony. There was a marriage in the mosque. Everyone was sitting down. They were forced to sit on a chair. They dragged the chair and brought it to me. I also heard some of his deeds in absentia. I told them all of you are tired of drugs, do not be disappointed and upset.

Prescription and method of use

Take 50 grams turmeric and 50 grams kachoor but these two things should not be crushed before, grind it yourself, grind it together or mix it separately and keep it in a box. If you want to drink sesame seeds, you must also mix a little ghee in it. It must also be half a spoon to one spoon. You can drink one cup daily in the morning, afternoon and evening, even if you drink one cup twice a day. Be sure to use it anyway.

You must use a few weeks or a few months and then notify me. Very happy little thing but I will definitely use the benefit in such a wonderful way. He started using it. He had a neighbor who used to come to me more and more. He was more than a year old, it is difficult to sit on a chair, it is difficult to get up, it is strange. How will they sit down, and how will they get up? I was in such a trance that the neighbor began to say that in fact what you had told him was a trick of kachoor and turmeric. Like, my whole body is like twenty-five years, my muscles are like thirty years, and my strengths and energies are giving voices back to youth.

And now that I’m able to sit up and get up slowly, getting up and sitting down is not as painful for me as it used to be when I was moaning and sighing. ۔ Wrestlers in special attire, wearing special turbans, wearing agate stone garlands around their necks, wearing sarma, mustaches that used to be covered, now they have been given a nice tau, their shape was telling that the wrestler is very Satisfied, as soon as they came I started saying I have to hug you, I stood up and hugged them, they showed their full wrestling and full strength, I was about to suffocate I said in my ear.

The wrestler still needs to be treated. Now I want to make you young. He left me with a loud laugh and then sat down on the chair in front of me and said that I used this medicine thrice a day but I did not use any small amount. Because my diet is high I started using milk cup and big spoon, what happens with a cup and a half spoon and in two or three weeks my condition started telling me that I am very satisfied and I have a lot of benefits. And I was so relieved my body, muscles, knees and back started to support me and a unique feeling was created in my nature and that’s it.

There was a sensation that gave me complete comfort and complete satisfaction and this satisfaction was the satisfaction that drew me back to you. They were praying a lot, they were holding my hand and kissing me again and again, they were kissing my forehead. Was sensible, our house was in Lahore inner city cobbler’s door, there was a time of poverty, my grandfather was also a wrestler so in his last life the situation was like this.

A Hindu beggar came to the door, he was also a Sanyasi. When my grandfather went out to give him flour, when he saw his condition, he took out a medicine of turmeric color from his swing and said: Mian ji! It will be useful to use it for some time with milk and desi ghee, then I will give it again if it comes, grandfather started using it. Surprised, the medicine ran out after a few days but every day he used it, he benefited a lot from the medicine, now he started waiting for the Hindu Sanyasi. He took her to his house, gave her a suit, a shoe, a handkerchief, and food and drink, and asked her to give him some more medicine.

An old wrestler at the cobbler’s door would give me so many gifts, Sanyasi said. I am actually from Assam, I travel to Lahore after two or three years, then from here I get my livelihood, then I go to other cities, I come to every city after many years, I keep wandering if You have given me so many gifts, so I will give you this prescription and that prescription was this, that is, these two things turmeric and kachoor. Then I applied the same powder to old gastrointestinal patients, who had severe ulcers in their intestines, whose stomach was bloated, who drank a lot of alcohol, who ate food outside, and who used external things.

When I ruined my stomach, I used half a teaspoon three times a day with water or milk. The body is tight all the time, the shoulders are stretched, the neck is stretched, the nerves are stretched, the legs ache, whether someone presses me or I sleep repeatedly at night. Leg cramps, back pain in women, for pregnant women, it is very useful after pregnancy if women use warm milk two or three times a day for a few weeks or a few months old licorice back pain, and after pregnancy. There is also a unique secret to improving the system. It was even used by heart patients. Those whose blood was thick, cholesterol, urea, uric acid had also benefited a lot.

It is not recommended for people with high blood pressure as it can cause high blood pressure.
Kachoor is like dry ginger. It is also called wild white turmeric. It is found in groceries. It is the root of a plant.

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