Nutritional Properties And Benefits Of Bananas

Nutritional Properties And Benefits Of Bananas
Nutritional Properties And Benefits Of Bananas

Nutritional Properties And Benefits Of Bananas

Bananas are a popular food all over the world for their nutritional value. Bananas are usually available throughout the year. Ripe bananas or raw, both types of bananas are beneficial for body and health. Here you can know more about the Nutritional Properties And Benefits Of Bananas.

The scientific name of banana is ‘Musa’. Below are the names of our indigenous bananas.

1. Sea Banana

2. Champa banana.

3. All arts

4. Kathali Kala.

5. Bengali art.

How To Control High Blood Pressure With Bananas?
How to control High Blood Sugar-Activ Living

What is high blood pressure?

The blood flows in the arteries in a specific speed, we called it normal blood pressure level. Sometimes, due to some known or unknown reasons, such as poor diet, fast-paced life and stress, the blood pressure level does high in the arteries. In this condition, where the strain of flowing blood against the arteries is higher than the delicate blood vessels can bear.

When the sodium level becomes high than normal range in the body, the water balance in the body becomes imbalance. This is the reason that the kidneys in the body unable to flush out excess water from the body. In this condition, the kidneys have to extra work to flush out water, putting a lot of pressure on blood vessels. Due to extra amount of sodium, the amount of potassium becomes low in the blood. The banana is rich in the potassium. Banana called treasury of potassium. To provide the potassium to the body, it is essential to eat the banana. Eating minimum two bananas daily. lowers blood pressure due to their high potassium content. To keep the blood pressure normal in the body, it is necessary to eat two bananas daily up to one week to 2 weeks. By this way, we can low the blood pressure level about 10%.

Note that banana should eat day time and not to eat with dinner because it may not digest properly at night.

In case of kidney stone and any other kidney disease because extra rate of potassium in the blood content which may not be good for conditions like kidney stones. Having blood pressure level high consult your doctor before adding bananas to your diet.

Nutritional value of banana

As bananas fulfill nutritional needs, bananas have several beneficial properties. Generally, the analysis of the nutritional value of bananas per 100 grams is as follows:

Material Name Quantity

1. Water (water) 70.1%.

2. Non-vegetarian 1.2%.

3. Fat (fat) 0.3%.

4. Mineral salts 0.8%.

5. Fiber 0.4%.

6. Sugar 7.2%.

Benefits of Banana:

Several bananas have beneficial aspects. For example:

Bananas in kidney protection:

Banana has many qualities. The amount of potassium and magnesium it contains, which help the kidneys to function properly. Its potassium level is very beneficial in regulating kidney function along with blood pressure control.

Also, eating bananas daily reduces the risk of kidney stones, urinary tract infection, brain stroke, and the risk of ulcers. Also, a survey found that eating a banana every day reduces the risk of kidney disease by almost 50%.

Role of banana in weight loss and gain

Banana also has great beneficial role in weight loss and gain. Due to the resistance and pectin fiber that bananas contain, the digestion of bananas is slow. As a result, eating a banana keeps the stomach full for a long time. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should eat at least one banana daily.

Eating less ripe bananas is better for gaining weight. However, resistance is higher in less ripe bananas, which can lead to poor appetite and weight loss. Eating a certain amount of cow’s milk and eggs along with bananas for breakfast every day helps in gaining weight.

Banana in skin care

Bananas also play an effective role in skin care. Bananas contain antioxidants and photochemicals that nourish the skin, body and hair. Bananas are great for brightening the skin, removing acne, dark spots and wrinkles on the face. Banana can be used in skin care using various home remedies.

Bananas also contain a form of manganese, which fulfills the requirement of manganese in our body. Manganese contributes to the formation of collagen in the skin and protects the skin and other cells from free radical damage.

Role of banana in relieving constipation

For those people who have constipation problem, raw banana works like a medicine. Still in our country, raw banana is used as the main remedy for constipation problem. Bananas contain fiber among other nutrients. Which is very effective in relieving constipation. Banana also plays a very effective role in increasing the digestive power.

A medium-sized banana contains three grams of fiber. There are two types of fiber commonly found in bananas. Pectin and resistance starch. Bananas are somewhat difficult to digest due to resistant starch. However, pectin has the ability to prevent colon cancer. Constipation, stomach ulcers and gastric problems are eliminated in many cases by eating bananas regularly.

Role of banana as a energizer

Banana is a great delicacy as an energy booster. A banana contains a lot of energy, so the sight of players, athletes eating bananas during the game is very common on the field of play. After hard work, eating banana will bring back the lost physical strength in no time. Because bananas contain a lot of glucose and fructose, which are easily absorbed into the blood. Bananas also contain amino acids, carbohydrates, and various minerals. These elements of banana are helpful in increasing the energy required by the body.

Also, studies have shown that people who eat at least one banana per day have relatively sharper memory than before. So a healthy normal person should eat at least one banana daily.

Role of banana in maintaining youth

There is no substitute for collagen to retain youth. Banana magnesium helps in collagen formation in the skin and protects the skin from free radical damage. Vitamins and other minerals present in bananas protect our cells from premature aging.

For pregnant women

Vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine present in bananas relieves nausea in pregnant women. Also eating banana during pregnancy-

1. Decreased birth control in children.

2. Helps prevent anemia.

3. Helps in the development of the baby’s nervous system.

4. Helps in bone development.

5. Increases the appetite of the pregnant mother.

It is better to eat bananas during pregnancy with doctor’s advice.

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