Different Coffees And Their Health And Medicinal benefits

Different Coffees And Their Health And Medical benefits
Different Coffees And Their Health And Medical benefits

After drinking tea in some people, agility comes and they do their work with more attention, hard work and dedication. But the tea we are drinking today is not tea because it contains something thin like milk but water, many additives and harmful substances are added to it. According to nutritionists, six harmful substances are mixed, animal blood is added to the tea leaf to create color and white sugar is white poison. Hakims suggest that we should leave tea and increase the use of coffee. Some scholars also recommend different coffees along with medicine. In this article we are submitting Different Coffees And Their Health And Medicinal benefits.

A few years ago, when someone was sick, they were told to take medicine with tea or tea. Gradually, the custom of tea became so much that everyone is fond of drinking tea and some people have become addicted to it. Is there tea? A mixture of milk, tea leaves and sugar. The tea leaves contain thymidine strain, tannic acid, chlorophyll, albumin, ethereal oil, apothem, wax and some volatile substances. It is similar to caffeine or let’s call it caffeine which is more than 8 to 10% in tea. Tea induces sleep, relieves dryness, and sharpens mental powers. Accelerates heart function, provides psychological comfort.

Different coffees and their brief medical benefits

Different Unani coffees and their Health and medical benefits

Add salt, sugar or honey according to your taste in the following various delicious coffees.

Cloves: Cloves, cinnamon
Antiseptic, cholera, relieve phlegm, heat in cold, strengthen the liver, appetizing, digest food, remove flatulence, stones, treatment of excess fat.

Coffee Ginger

Appetite, Reah, excreting stones, strengthening vision, improvement in complexion,
Coffee is strong:
It is very useful in Kasar Riah, Stomach tonic, Heart tonic, Headache

Coffee Ajoin Desi

Useful in Kasar Riah, fever, prevention of summer seasonal diseases

Coffee Rose
Useful in cough and cold, opens the respiratory tract, relieves sore throat.

Coffee Gorakh Pan
Reduces blood pressure, clears cough, relieves itching, reduces cholesterol.

Coffee Ginger, Honey
Healing in honey, prevention from seasonal effects of cold, cold, cough is useful in stuffy nose

Injbar Coffee
Stop diarrhoea, force in bowels, stop bleeding, leg pain.

Brown bearded old man
Useful in paralysis, useful in male and female reproductive diseases.

Coffee Rose Gold
Thickened phlegm, thins, relieves constipation, preserves in winter, softens the nature.

Brown leaf Coffee
Removes inflammation, induces perspiration, quickens blood circulation, protects against cold in cold season.

Coffee Lemongrass
Useful in phlegm, cold, cold, diarrhea, coryza, lobed pressure

White Cumin Coffee, Cardamom
Stomach irritation, useful in hemorrhoids, digests food, produces good appetite.

Fennel Coffee
Useful in cold, dry cough, stomach irritation, increase digestion, appetizing.

Coffee Badian Khatai, Cinnamon, Cardamom
Digestive power Increases appetite, drinking tea is just a habit to remove it Numerous medical benefits:

Coffee Violet
Relieves cold, cough, phlegm, heartburn, sore throat, constipation.

Coffee beans, violets
It relieves throat diseases, colds, heart pain, kidney pain, urinary irritation, constipation.

Coffee Husk Wheat
Treatment of cold, blocked nose, thick phlegm relieves irritation in urine.

Brown Violet
A chronic fiber, a complete cure for colds, coughs, has numerous other benefits and is effective in all seasons.

Different Coffees And Their Health And Medicinal benefits

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