Kidney diseases And Kidney Stones

Kidney diseases
Kidney diseases

Kidneys maintain the balance of water and salts in the body, for example, in addition to the amount of calcium, potassium and phosphorus in the body, water and other salts etc. must remain in the body to a certain extent. Many diseases are born from its excess or deficiency, a person cannot live, the function of the kidneys is to maintain a balance in these substances, salts and water. The kidneys produce many such useful hormones for the body, if these hormones If they are reduced in the body, the disease of anemia occurs. This is the reason, we are submitting about Kidney diseases And Kidney Stones. People must know about these diseases and prevent themselves from these illness.

Kidney diseases

Allah Subhan Taala has blessed man with two kidneys. These are actually glands located under the ribs, on the side of the abdomen, on the right and left sides of the waist. The kidney is 11 cm long, approximately 7 cm wide and 2 or 3 centimeter thick. Each kidney contains more than 1 million ductal glands, nephrons, or filters (membranes). An estimated 1,500 liters of blood pass through the kidneys in 24 hours. Excreting harmful, unnecessary substances.

There are many reasons for kidney failure, some of the main ones are as follows: Inflammation of the kidney membrane, filter membrane or nephron has irregular substances on one side and transparent substances on the other side. The function of the membrane is to filter irregular substances. If it doesn’t work, if it gets damaged for some reason, the membranes next to it also start to get damaged, due to which the kidney stops working. This leads to fat or blood in the urine, which is the most common cause of kidney failure.

The main reason is the inflammation of the membrane. The other reason is diabetes and high blood pressure. If you have diabetes, then usually after a period of 10 to 15 years, you will suffer from kidney failure. Therefore, diabetic patients should be very careful. It should be done and every possible effort should be made to keep sugar under control. In the same way, due to the excess of blood pressure, the kidneys are also damaged, it is very important for blood pressure patients to keep their blood pressure under control.

In summer, the body needs more water, drinking less water causes dehydration in the body, and in winter, due to cold, less water is drunk, which causes dehydration in the body, which leads to kidney failure. It causes kidney stones, which cannot be passed through the urine, ulcers form in the kidney membrane, which causes inflammation that gradually leads to kidney failure. It is the third major reason for the failure of the kidneys.

Inflammation of the membranes, sugar, blood pressure, lack of water, etc. are seen, then all these are due to the lack of water, besides, the lack of clean water is also included in it. Signs! If anyone experiences any of the following symptoms, they should get checked up: loss of appetite, memory loss, nausea and vomiting, irritability, feeling tired, pale face.

Having, dry skin, frequent urination at night and urinary obstruction etc., having diabetes, low or high blood pressure etc. In kidney pain, a person aches like a fish out of water. When someone has pain, immediately pour hot water on the kidney, apply radish salt, boil tobacco and tie it to the warm place. Contact your doctor. do it Abstain! Avoid all foods high in iron such as meat, rice, corn, etc. In addition, avoid smoking, cola drinks, alcohol, etc.

Obesity, sitting for a long time, not exercising. Like other diseases, people with kidney failure have more chances. Therefore, drink two glasses of fresh and clean water in the morning, exercise lightly, drink water during the day, do not drink water immediately after eating food, at night. You should drink two glasses of water an hour before going to bed, do not let constipation, in the same way, many diseases can be avoided by following other hygiene rules.

A balanced diet, controlling obesity can prevent this disease to a large extent. Artificial oils and food colors should be avoided Treatment! It is worth noting that until the kidney is 80 or 90% destroyed, the patient is not aware of it and continues to do his daily work, even if one kidney fails the other. It continues to work. Kidney disease is treated according to its types and stage. Generally, 50% of kidney failure is due to diabetes, blood pressure, kidney infection, etc. Further deterioration can be prevented.

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