Garlic Medicinal Benefits

Garlic Medical Benefits
Garlic Medical Benefits

Garlic Medicinal Benefits (Unani Way Of Treatment )

Commonly available around the world, garlic is rich in health treasures, including antioxidants, the revolutionary compound allicin, diallyl disulfide, manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, in addition to some amounts of selenium, fiber, iron, protein and other useful chemicals. There are, and the sulfur compounds found in it are digested with food and have their important effects on the body and it is very low in calories but very nutritious. Look at the Garlic Medicinal Benefits. The useful ingredients of garlic protect against colds. Its regular use reduces cold attacks by 63%. Regular consumption of garlic also reduces flu attacks, the magical chemicals in garlic play an important role in controlling blood pressure, to reduce blood pressure, chew four cloves of native garlic daily and another important thing is that that regular consumption of garlic also keeps cholesterol in its limits,

Garlic is a masterpiece of nature whose benefits have never been denied and people have been using it for centuries. Similarly, the benefits of honey cannot be ignored. There are many benefits to using these ingredients on an empty stomach these days. There are too many Health Benefits Using Garlic And Honey Together On An Empty Stomach

There too many ways of its usages. As the garlic is concern, it is known as a spice but it is fact that it uses as a medicine more than spice. It is the reason that we are subscribing Garlic health and healing power.All the herbal specialists, admit the Garlic health and healing power.

Garlic contains many antioxidants. On the one hand, they keep the blood pressure normal, on the other hand, they also protect against rapidly attacking mental diseases, since the useful ingredients in garlic prevent blood pressure and many diseases, thus protecting people from diseases. Prevents premature deaths. It also prevents the breakdown of cells with age.
Garlic slows down the process of cell breakdown and infection, which also reduces physical ailments.
Regular consumption of garlic increases agility and strength in the body and can prevent heart disease with normal blood pressure and healthy cholesterol. All nutrients believe about Garlic health and healing power.

Some prescriptions are available

If garlic paste is made and tied on the boil, then the boil will burst quickly and the dirty material will be discharged from it.

In case of cold pains, pneumonia, gout and forehead pain, burn garlic in sesame oil as required, strain the oil and massage it on the desired place as required.
Garlic paste, this is a special mixture of garlic, make it and benefit from its benefits.


350 grams of peeled garlic,

  • 6 kg of milk
  • Sandalwood, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nag kesar, turmeric, papala mole, baobab, black turmeric, asgand, badhara, sinamki leaves, cloves, gokhro, fennel, celery, taj, kachur, and cumin each weight quantity 6 Masha

Recipe preparation garlic potion

Make a soup of all the remaining ingredients except garlic and milk.
Soak the garlic in half a kilo of curd lassi overnight so that the smell of garlic disappears, in the morning wash the garlic well and mix it with milk and make khoya on low flame and keep stirring the spoon at the same time, when the whole khoya becomes light red. But if it comes to it, add the safof ingredients and mix it well, add the safof misri for sweetness as needed, and store it in a glass jar.

Health Benefits

gout, rheumatic pain, pneumonia, constipation, phlegm diseases, loss of appetite, blood pressure, compensates for the lack of heat instinct in the body, increases energy and creates strength in the body. The potion should be used only in the cold season, make it and remember it in prayers.

Garlic Medicinal Benefits

General Health Benefits Of Garlic

The benefits of garlic are countless. It has been used as food since ancient times. Garlic is not only beneficial for physical health but also improves the appearance of hair and skin. Like onion, garlic contains sulfur which is beneficial for health. It not only has positive effects on human health but also has many other properties and benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits and properties of garlic.

Make hair shiny
Sulfur present in garlic reduces hair loss. If garlic juice is mixed on the head or its extract is applied to the hair, it stops hair loss and also strengthens it. Apart from this, garlic extract can be mixed with an oil and applied to the hair.

Eliminates nail acne
Garlic is the best antibacterial. This eliminates the germs present in the pores of the skin. If you don’t have any kind of allergy to garlic, then by cutting a clove of it and applying it lightly on the nail or acne, the waste in it will come out.

Useful in cold and flu
It is rich in antioxidants. Daily use of garlic in food protects against cold, cough and flu. Similarly, garlic tea is also useful in warding off colds. To make garlic tea, cut two or three cloves of garlic and boil them in hot water for a few minutes. Strain it and add a small piece of ginger or a spoonful of honey and drink it.

Relieves joint pain
Nutrients in garlic strengthen joints and muscles. In winter, if you get cold in your knees or muscles, massage the area with garlic oil and cover it well. The pain will go away. Garlic oil is easily available in stores.

Reduces extra weight
Garlic is an excellent food for those who want to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, increase the use of garlic in your food. Garlic dissolves excess fat in the body. Allicin present in garlic, which has antibacterial properties, removes unnecessary fat from the body.

Protecting feet

Due to the anti-fungal properties of garlic, it protects the skin of the body from germs and fungi. To get rid of itchy feet, add a little crushed garlic in warm water and soak your feet in it for a while.

Plant Care
Insects that damage plants do not like garlic. To protect plants, put crushed garlic, mineral oil, water and any liquid soap in a spray bottle. Spray it on the compost and your plants will be protected from all harmful insects.

To get the best benefits from garlic, peel or grind it and leave it uncovered for ten minutes before consuming it. Garlic needs oxygen to release its beneficial properties. The more garlic is cooked, the milder its taste. The benefits of garlic are numerous. So use garlic openly for cooking and other needs.

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