Medicinal Properties Of Mint

Medicinal Properties Of Mint
Medicinal Properties Of Mint

Medicinal properties of mint

The perfection of mint in mouth and throat diseases.
Those who are feeling dry panic and mental confusion and depression can treat themselves with fresh mint scent. There are ingredients in mint that stimulate the appetite to eat meat. People who are meat eaters should use mint as a salad in their diet Peppermint is a refreshing vegetable and an herb with many medicinal properties. Mint is used in many dishes. Although it is not generally cooked and eaten as a vegetable, it is especially used to flavor foods and to cheer up the mood with its minty flavor. According to Pliny, a Western herbalist, the scent of mint refreshes the mind. All over the world, people use it with meals due to Medicinal Properties Of Mint.

Those who are experiencing dry nervousness and mental confusion and depression can treat themselves with the scent of fresh mint. There are ingredients in mint that stimulate the appetite to eat meat. People who are carnivores should use mint as a salad in their diet.

There are many varieties of mint. Among them, apple mint, Rang Barna, mint, black mint, white mint, ginger mint, lemon mint, black mint, aromatic mint are well-known varieties.

Medicinal properties of mint: Mint brings joy to the nature, increases the appetite, relaxes the body, prevents nausea, opens the pores and dilates the veins. Mint and garlic chutney is useful for blood pressure patients. If women start drinking peppermint three or four days before their period starts, then the periods will come. Since mint brings joy to the health, it is also made into coffees and its ingredients are added to foods and medicines as well as cosmetics for external use. Especially in China, mint has been used as a medicine for centuries and every part of it is fully utilized, but now the concept of mint as a medicine has decreased.

In West Asian countries, mint oil is used in chewing gum, toothpaste and bakery, because mint is rich in vitamins and minerals, so whether mint is fresh or dried, it is essential for health and pleasure. It is believed that if mint is also used as a food, people who are worried about kidney and bladder stones should eat mint.

Mint and digestive system

Green mint leaves can be a very effective medicine for stomach spasms and people who have a weak stomach, gas in the stomach or complaints of heaviness. Mint juice is an excellent stimulant drink. A small spoonful of honey and lemon mixed with fresh mint juice and used three times a day helps the stomach to function properly. Nutritionists and doctors say that if a cup of mint coffee is taken daily in the morning and evening, not only the stomach remains healthy, but also the face becomes radiant. If children suffering from stomach pain are given a quarter spoon of mint seeds to chew and then water is given, their pain will be relieved.

Role of Mint in Mouth and Throat Diseases

Mint plays an important role in eliminating common dental diseases and bad breath due to its pleasant taste and ingredients. Mint contains chlorophyll and germs. If one has complaints like pyorrhea, gum disease and weak teeth, or if the throat becomes sore and it becomes sore from talking too much, then chew fresh mint leaves and gargle with salt in fresh mint decoction. If it is done, the voice will open and the pain in the throat will be relieved. Since mint has antiseptic properties, if it is applied on facial boils, pimples and irritations such as itching, the disease will end. Doctors also use mint poultices to delay childbirth.

Miscellaneous Benefits

If a woman eats ten grams of dried mint before sexual intercourse, there is no risk of pregnancy. One spoonful of mint juice, two spoonful of pure barley vinegar mixed with one weight of honey and four ounces of carrot juice and drunk three times a day gives great relief to people suffering from asthma and bronchitis. This recipe restores breath and protects against germs and weather effects

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