Headache Types And Treatment

Headache Types And Treatment
Headache Types And Treatment

Unani Way Of Treatment

You have observed that many of the people complaint about headache, some in head and some in the half head. Some persons suffer from severe headache and some low than severe. Some right side of the head and some backside the head, Its mean there are many conditions about headache. In this article, we are describing about headache types and treatment. But remember that we are providing treatment in herbal way of treatment.

Headache means pain or discomfort and in medical terms headache is a symptom of other diseases. If other diseases are not the cause of headache, then it is caused by being included in the blood and reaching the brain or headache in some patients. Weakness also originates from the mind.

Types of headache

The types of headache are many but written by various scholars but in this article Hakeem Azam Sohail Naqshbandi the famous types, symptoms, causes and permanent treatment of headache by allopathic medicines, home herbal tips, herbal herbs and herbal medicines like Atriful Isthakhdos. , will narrate from Atariful Cushions, Atariful Zamani, etc. Inshallah, so that God may benefit from my articles and bless them with good prayers.

Types of headache

Not all types of headaches require medical attention. However, if the symptoms are severe, you should seek immediate medical attention from a qualified physician if you experience any of the following types of headaches: Suffering from a type of headache.

Cold Headache
Heat Headache
cluster headache
Migraine Headache

Sometimes headache appears as a symptom associated with various chronic diseases such as colds, flu, constipation, acidity, menstrual pain or lack or excess, blood pressure etc.

headache treatment

Cold Headache
Cold also causes headache because the vapors from cold become dirty and do not dissolve in the head but freeze. Bones become swollen and ooze fluid, which leads to a cold headache. Allopathic medicine has no proven cure for headache or cold-related symptoms caused by a virus, but painkillers can temporarily control the headache, such as Acetylsalicylic acid ie aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen ie (paracetamol) etc.

Headache Cold Treatment

Itrifal ustukhuddus (itrifal ustukhuddus)
Benefits of Aromatic Lavender
Eucalyptus is a Greek medicine that is an excellent tonic for the brain, it relieves headaches by removing waste products from the brain and stomach, relieves constipation and also improves the digestive system of the intestines. Stabilizes

Home remedy for headache cold

Herbal ingredients
Cinnamon 3 grams
3 g
Cardamom green seven numbers
Water 250 grams
Method of preparation and use
Boil water on high flame and add one tablespoon of powdered sugar and drink it as tea.
Headache will be relieved from cold, God willing

Heat Headache

Sometimes headaches are caused by hot air and hot weather because the heat causes the blood vessels to dilate, triggering a heat headache.

Treatment of hot headache
Treatment of Headache in Islam and Prophetic Medicine

Modern science has also proved that henna has antiseptic and pain-relieving properties and henna extract relieves inflammation and swelling caused by heat due to its cooling properties, so we can say that the use of henna extract Helps reduce nervous tension and promote healthy blood flow
cluster headache
A cluster headache starts on one side of the head near the eye and the pain is very severe, sometimes so intense that the eye becomes red and the eyes and nose run water.

Herbal remedy for cluster headache
Itrifal Kishneezi
Benefits of cushions
It is effective in headache and eye irritation due to heat.
Apart from headache, it is effective in the spreading sensation of heat in the hands and feet
Gas in the stomach is effective in symptoms caused by acidity such as headaches, earaches and eye aches

Migraine Headache

Migraine is also known as demi-headache and demi-headache is also known as turning headache and demi-headache is caused by accumulation of vapors in the weak part of the head and its attack is usually at a fixed period. Sometimes this pain occurs in the whole head.
If there is a headache in the whole head, then how to diagnose whether the patient is suffering from partial headache or the first type of headache i.e. it is in the whole brain.
Recognition of headache and migraine
The distinguishing feature of headache is that the first type of headache occurs in the entire head, while the patient with migraine, i.e. partial headache, has the urge to vomit and visual disturbances.

Migraine Treatment


Dry coriander 30 grams
Black pepper 3 grams
Make a bag and keep it

How to use
Take three grams of medicine with water in the morning before sunrise
Relieves migraines and migraines in a few days
Weak Brain
In this type of headache, blood does not reach the entire brain or any part of the brain.

Treatment of weak mind
Three dried figs
Eight almonds
Milk 250 grams
How to use
It should be used at night while sleeping. Inshallah, the visual impairment of the mind and the symptoms caused by it will be removed
Headache Remedies and Uses
The first thing is to take medicine for the disorder that causes headache
The second principle is that headache medicine should always be prescribed according to the patient’s mood

If the headache is hot or the mood is hot, use soft cushions
If the headache is due to cold or from a cold mood, take Atrifal Isthakhdoos
If the headache is due to weakness of the mind, the use of Khmera Ghazban Amber or Khmera Ghazban simple is useful

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