Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Natural Remedies For Anxiety
Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

In the modern and fast time, everyone is hurry to get every thing and tries to do everything. In the result of all these struggle sleep disorders, chronic stress and anxiety are natural outcomes. Every thing that we are looking around us but every thin does not link with us. Sometimes, some of them are harmful for our health. Something develop some problems for us like anxiety. To avoid harmful effect, due to anxiety, we are submitting some Natural Remedies For Anxiety.

Anxiety develop many problems for human. Remaining anxiety for long time develops Hypertension and diabetes in result. We should not neglect this situation. There are many ways of treatment of anxiety but best way of treatment of this mental problem is Ayurvedic medical system. Some home remedies can provide complete cure from anxiety. Not only we can get cure of anxiety and depression but we can save ourselves from any side effect.

Chamomile Coffee

Whenever, you feel anxious, drink a cup of chamomile coffee, I hope you will feel better than anxiety. Chamomile contain many anti-depression chemical in it. Chamomile is full of luteolin and apigenin. These both chemical are famous for promoting and providing relaxation. In a research it is discovered that person who are suffering from general anxiety disorder and depression are advised to take tea. These persons took chamomile tea twice a day for 2 months. In result a significant reduction in anxiety and depression. The persons having Chamomile tea found better healthy than person were given only placebo. Try to have about 5 grams of Omega-3 thrice a day It is observed that Omega-3 fatty acids help in easing anxiety symptoms as well as lifting your mood by reducing the stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol in the body.

Body Massage

You can have canned fatty fish like tuna, salmon together with a couple of walnuts and flax seeds with heat milk as these are all nice sources of polyunsaturated fatty acid. Inspire lavender after you are wired. Body massage is a good source of getting rid from anxiety. Massage with lavender oil provides the anxiety free mode. Massage lover persons found to be more confident and optimistic and less anxious. Because in case of anxiety and stress, it push the blood pressure high, while massage can reduce and lower down the systolic blood pressure, which is related to the stress and anxiety.

Lavender Oil

To get relax from anxiety and depression you can add some drops of lavender oil in the water for bath and under pillow before sleep. It will develop better effects on your mode. To get release from anxiety and stress add some drops of lavender oil in a part of hot water and inhaling it right away can be a great option. You can use lavender oil on your choice.

Whenever, you feel anxiety or stress, you must rub few drops of lavender on your skin to get relief, it is the essential oils that can be directly applied.

Anxiety is a very dangerous and harmful for man, It develop many other complication. If anybody is suffering from anxiety, depression and stress, he must try these home remedies and massage therapy for better health before popping in those anti-depressants with loads of side effects.

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