Healthy Chicken Mandi Recipe

Healthy Chicken Mandi Recipe
Healthy Chicken Mandi Recipe

Healthy Chicken Mandi Arabic Recipe

Everyone of us wish to eat healthy and delicious dishes, specially rice dishes. The dishes of each region has its own special flavors, but some dishes have favorite taste for all peoples of region as Arabic Al-baik chicken Recipe and some others . Chicken Mandi Arabic Recipe is one them recipes that is favorite for every one. this is the reason, we are presenting Healthy Chicken Mandi Recipe for you.

Chicken Mandi Ingredients

  • Mandi Spice three tablespoons Vinegar
  • Two tablespoons lime
  • Three tablespoons of juice Ginger
  • Two tablespoons of garlic paste Cayenne pepper
  • A tablespoon of chopped Digi Chili
  • one tablespoon Chicken
  • a whole chicken Edible oil
  • Three tablespoons Onions
  • Half an onion raisin
  • Twenty grams Cashew
  • Twenty grams Green chillies
  • six nos Salt….
  • According to taste Rice (guard)
  • Six hundred grams Red colour
  • A quarter teaspoon Coal ….an ember

Instruction and Composition

Take mandi masala in a bowl and add vinegar, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste, salt, chopped red chillies, digi chillies and mix well.

Now take the chicken in a bowl and add the prepared mixture to it and mix it well and keep it in the fridge for six to eight hours.

Now take cooking oil in a vessel and add onion to it and fry it light brown.

Add raisins, barley, green chillies, cumin seeds and water to it and boil it.

Now add salt and rice to it and let it simmer for fifteen minutes until little water remains. Then open the tail and garnish it with red color. Then put the prepared chicken in a steamer and steam it and pan roast it. Then take the cooked rice in a pot and put the roasted chicken in it and place an aluminum bowl in it and put burning coal and cooking oil on it and close the lid and remove the lid after two minutes.

Your delicious chicken mandi is ready.


How to make Mandi Masala

Proven Coriander

  • Fifteen grams Proven pepper
  • Fifteen grams Proven fennel
  • Fifteen grams Badian
  • two numbers Proven Cumin
  • Fifteen grams Big Cardamom
  • Six numbers Little cardamom
  • Eight numbers Cinnamon
  • four digits Jalotri

Take ground coriander in a pan and add ground cumin, ground black pepper, ground fennel, cardamom, big cardamom, small cardamom, cinnamon and jalapeno and fry and grind it. Mandi masala is ready.

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