Arabic Al-baik chicken Recipe 

Arabic Al-baik chicken Recipe 
Arabic Al-baik chicken Recipe 

Arabic Al-baik Chicken Recipe 

Albaik chicken recipe named by the cause of Al-baik restaurant. But now we can prepare it in your homes. This is a very delicious recipe. Because this restaurant in Saudi Arabia, so this recipe called Arabic Albaik chicken recipe.

There are many delicious dishes of Saudi Arabia that we can easily make at home, but there is a special way to make them all, the secret of which can only be told by the chef. Now, to make albak chicken, it is injected, but why and what is this injection for?

It is surprising to hear that it is also injected for cooking,

but why?

Why inject?

Albeik chicken is actually derived from an Egyptian dish that uses an injection to inject spices and other ingredients into the meat. Similarly, albaik chicken is injected with various ingredients to add flavor and make it crispy. What happens in an injection?

The said paste is added to a large injection and it is applied separately to each piece inside the chicken so that each part of the meat is flavored.


  • One spoon of salt,
  • one spoon of garlic ginger paste,
  • one spoon of red chilli,
  • half spoon of turmeric,
  • one spoon of tamarind paste,
  • half spoon of hot sauce,
  • 1 spoon of ketchup,
  • 1 spoon of anardana fine powder,
  • 1 spoon of paprika powder,
  • 2 spoon of mustard.

Add the powder and 6 to 9 spoons of water and mix all these things well and prepare a thin water. Before use, filter this water by sieve.

And now fill it inside the injector.

Chicken: By the way, albaik chicken uses broasted meat, but if you want to make plain chicken, you can also take breast meat and cut it or cut and separate the meat for broast. Then inject spice into each herb. Coating: Place the injected chicken in a bowl and add turmeric, salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, baking powder, lemon juice, vinegar, half a cup of curd and one to two spoons of milk and mix well.

To make the crispy:

  • Mix 4 spoons of flour,
  • 2 spoons of baking powder,
  • 6 spoons of rice flour well.

Add 10 to 15 ice cubes and 1 glass of cold water in a bowl.


Now mix the coated chicken well in the flour and baking powder and dip one piece in cold water like a broast, then again mix the chicken in the flour in this way 5 to 6 times with the mixture of cold water and flour.

I dip the chicken. Fry: Now heat the oil and deep fry the chicken in it, get the taste of albaik chicken at home.


Serve it with ketchup, red sauce, yogurt, mayonnaise and hot sauce. Can also make salads.

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