How to overcome iron deficiency /What Solution

How to overcome iron deficiency /What Solution
How to overcome iron deficiency /What Solution

Anemia is a big problem, not only India but the whole world is battling it, iron deficiency is seen in more women than men. Anemia occurs due to the lack of red blood cells in the body, red blood cells provide energy to the brain, it needs to take iron-rich food, especially green leafy vegetables, beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potato, coconut, soybean etc. If this is not possible then supplements are needed. Now we are providing knowledge that How to overcome iron deficiency /What Solution in case of iron deficiency.

In India, one woman in every 3 women is anemic, this deficiency is more in women aged 15 to 49 years. Constant feeling of tiredness is a sign of iron deficiency in the body. Busy women neither eat on time nor take proper diet, they feel that over time when they get rest, they will become healthy. Scientists believe that Fatigue in women is 3 times more than in men and their fatigue is an alarm to them that their body is lacking iron.

Major symptoms of iron deficiency

There are many reasons for iron deficiency in women, due to which they feel tired, although fatigue is a common problem, but it is not good to ignore it. . Frequent urge to lie down.

  • Skin dullness,
  • paleness on the face,
  • which women consider the workload as the reason.
  • Irritability without reason.
  • Breaking of nails.
  • Hair loss.

There can be many reasons for fatigue, it is necessary to go to the doctor in time and get it checked, some of the reasons are as follows –

Loss of freshness of the face due to headache and weakness due to excessive fatigue. The reason for fatigue is sometimes physical and mental as well, so there is a need to pay attention to lifestyle.

Measures to meet iron deficiency

All these reasons are based on their lifestyle and diet, which need to be corrected. This deficiency is more in vegetarian women, to avoid this and to maintain the right amount of iron in the body, women can get rid of daily fatigue by taking iron supplements on the advice of a doctor. Apart from this, keep in mind the following things. In order to get iron and folic acid naturally, it is necessary to eat green leafy vegetables, whole pulses, and fruits in the right amount.

Iron deficiency in women

Women also feel tired due to lack of folic acid, folic acid develops new cells. The spinal cord is well developed. Folic acid should be in every woman’s diet, it is necessary at every age for the formation of red blood cells and for prevention of anemia. Due to the lack of iron and folic acid, the body’s metabolism does not work properly, due to which the body’s energy is exhausted rapidly and women feel tired due to not getting enough food.

But women do not understand that this condition is happening to them while running after the children, by the time they understand this it is too late. Women are the focal point of the family, they should tell their problem to the husband and family, get their test done once a year, then knowing the lack of vitamins and minerals inside them, they can easily take supplements, if they start this from an early age. If given, even after 50, they can feel mentally and physically healthy.

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