Beat depression with exercise

Beat depression with exercise
Beat depression with exercise

Beat Depression with Exercises

Complete treatment of depression scientists did not yet discover. Exercises have many benefits, not only to the body but also provide mental benefits. We can Beat Depression Through Exercises. Morning walk play vital role in this Matter. About 30 to 50 minutes morning walk or little exercise two time about 20 minutes daily can reduce the depression situation. Beat depression with Exercise not impossible. Through exercises, depression begins to going low within three weeks. Depression is a mental and physical such disease that may can develop many other complications. Before the complications develop we must Beat depression with exercise.

According a new research, we can Beat Depression Through Exercises. We can reduce depression level with Exercise . We should not understand that we have to do a lot of exercises for this purpose. Morning walk play vital role in this Matter. About 30 to 50 minutes morning walk or little exercise two time about 20 minutes daily can reduce the depression situation. Some persons who have to do extra work they feel pressure and may can suffer from depression. In collage, students took part in experience, They started exercises to treat depression. After 5 weeks they noted that aerobic exercises doing students heal from depression early than common exercises doing students. Beat depression with Exercise

Beat Depression without Medicine

Through Exercise In the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999, in his article they published a experience. About 156 men and women with depression, took part in three groups. One group took part in an aerobic exercise program, another took the SSRI strainer (Zoloft), and a third did both. At the 16-week mark, depression become end in all three groups. About 60%–70% of the people in all three groups could no longer be classed as having major depression. The persons who wish to get rid from depression without drug, we suggest the exercise therapy for them.

Keep in mind, though, that the swiftest response occurred in the group taking antidepressants, and it can be difficult to encourage them on exercise when they are under pressure. In Duke University Medical Center on 158 students who suffering from depression an experiment was done. After resulted it noticed that through light exercises most students healed early than other students who were treated by by medicines. In this experiment the students have to ride bicycle about thirty minutes. Study on exercise and depression Here the question raise that through exercise how we can reduce the depression situation.

When a person thinks badly about his bad conditions he feels tension and falls in depression, while during exercise he pays devotion to the exercise and don’t focus on bad conditions. So by this method depression mode will change. The body muscles become calm, and heart beat become fast. By this process man become smart and start to interest in life. Because due to physical activities man remains busy in work, so depression begin to reduce. How does exercise relieve depression? For many years ago, experts discovered that exercise enhances the action of endorphins, chemicals that circulate throughout the body. In fact, all endorphins develop improve natural immunity and further may can reduce the perception of pain.

According to the physicians, exercise can stimulates the neurotransmitter nor-epinephrine. Neurotransmitter nor-epinephrine may directly improve mood. The better treatment of insomnia by depression is exercise and it is a good solution. In fact, by exercise we can use stored calories and body can get energy, and lazy vanished, nerves tension be end. Man feel calmness and doze begin. In a group of men and women, one research was done, to compared of effects of exercise and drug therapy. This experience was done to treat depression in old age peoples. Women and men was divided in 3 groups. Over 16 weeks, one group took anti-depression medicines, the second group undertook an aerobic exercise program and the third group used both medications and exercise. Selected results include: The participants in all three groups got improvement. The participants taking anti-depressants got improvement very fastest.

After treatment, 68.8 percent of participants in the combination group, got rid from depression and they become free depression group. After exercise therapy treatment, 60.4 percent of participants got recovery from depression, and came out from classification of depression. 65.5 percent in the medication group got heal from depression and specialist accounted them free depression after treatment,. Before this, the experts did not think that exercise has any effects on brain. In the modern research, the expert discover that exercise increase the Serotonin level and by this change man,s mode became pleasant. There is not any specific exercise for pleasant mode but common exercise like jogging, walking and swimming. Through these exercises reduction comes in depression and man,s mode becomes pleasant. In beginning, such person suffering from depression, it is very difficult for him to prepare himself for exercise.

So it is necessary that 1st must start their treatment from any qualified physician. After so convalescence of then consult any physical trainer for exercise training. He will take interest in exercises. First of all, persons should start common exercises. If did not start any exercise before, then start from jogging because there is no specific training need for walking or jogging. Morning walk in open area is best method. In beginning jogging time must be 10 minutes and gradually must increase the time up to 30 minutes.

Remember that these exercises must continue for long time. Usually after four months exercise’s good effects appear. Remember that exercises develop good effects on body and depression as well but exercises are not final treatment of depression. In case od advance stage of depression and deep depression or depression due to physical causes, then consultation to a qualified physician is necessary, While exercise must continue Anyway.

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