How we can make our face beauty naturally at home

How we can make our face beauty naturally at home
How we can make our face beauty naturally at home

All women like to be beautiful, although some people think that honest, friendly and positive people are the most beautiful people, but there is no harm in maintaining a beautiful external appearance, and heavy makeup may give temporary beauty, but maintaining beauty and getting a face A beautiful body requires time and effort, and the article will mention How we can make our face beauty naturally at home.

How we can make our face beauty naturally at home

How to make the appearance beautiful

personal cleanliness

A beautiful appearance requires some measures that maintain personal hygiene, including:


Bathing on a daily basis or day after day and using deodorant after showering, using shampoo and conditioner for hair, and using products appropriate for hair and skin type, makes the appearance beautiful, but be careful not to wash hair daily; To preserve the natural oils in it.

cleaning the face

The face needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, and a cleanser suitable for facial skin is used, an oil-free cleanser is used for oily skin, a cleanser containing salicylic acid for acne-prone skin, and a cleanser that contains cream; To moisturize dry skin, and a gel cleanser for combination skin.

Skin Moisturizing

Applying moisturizer after showering preserves the freshness, smoothness, radiance and beauty of the skin, and you should stay away from moisturizers that contain harsh chemicals and perfumes.

Cleaning teeth

A bright white smile has a beautiful appearance, so the teeth are cleaned at least twice a day using the brush and paste, and once a day using the floss, and mouthwash should be used to get rid of germs and to get a beautiful breath.

Exfoliating and moisturizing hands and feet

The feet and hands are exfoliated and the moisturizer is applied after that, to get rid of the appearance of dry and cracked dead skin, in addition to taking care of the nails and their appearance. These steps can be done in beauty salons or at home.

Protecting the skin from the sun’s rays

Harmful sun rays cause wrinkles and skin cancer, so the skin should be protected before going out, by applying sunscreen, wearing light and colorful clothes, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

moisturizing lips

Dry and cracked lips have an unpleasant appearance, and to avoid this, a lip balm is applied; To keep the lips soft and smooth, you can choose one that contains sunscreen; To provide extra protection to the lips.

Pay attention to outward appearance

Maintaining a beautiful external appearance requires several things; Of which:


The clothes should be clean, comfortable, decent, form-fitting, not too loose, not tight and free of wrinkles or stains; To maintain a beautiful appearance.


Finding the appropriate hairstyle and cut for the shape of the face is reflected in the beauty of the appearance, and the hairdresser can be consulted in this regard, and the choice of the appropriate cut for the shape, in addition to its compatibility with the nature of the woman; Because some women prefer to spend some time styling their hair, and some women want a hairstyle that does not require effort, and it is necessary to know the products that can be needed in hairdressing, and how to style it, and it is recommended to cut the ends of the hair every 6-8 weeks; To maintain a healthy look of hair, free of split ends.


Natural makeup can be applied as desired, by choosing a makeup that illuminates the features of the face, a light foundation mixed to the borders of the hair and neck, blush in a warm color on the cheekbones, a lipstick with a color close to the natural color of the lips, lip gloss, and applying mascara, and eye shadows. Natural color, and you should take into account removing makeup before bed; So that makeup does not cause problems for the skin.

healthy habits

Healthy habits have a significant impact on the beauty of appearance, including:

Healthy food

Healthy and balanced food gives a beautiful appearance, by eating chicken and fish; Because they are fat-free proteins, in addition to eating a variety of fresh and varied fruits and vegetables daily; Such as: carrots, beets, bananas, turnips, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis, green beans, and pineapples, while reducing sweets and salty foods such as potato chips.

Drinking water

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily works to rid the body of toxins, which is reflected on the beauty of the skin and hair, and cucumbers, lemons and berries can be added to the water; To give it a better flavor.

proper sleep

Sleeping 7-8 hours at night has an effective effect on the health of the body and skin, thus obtaining natural beauty.

Tips for an elegant feminine look

Several tips can be followed to get an elegant look, including:

Avoiding bad words, speaking in a soft voice, walking tall and straight, sitting quietly and elegantly, and being confident and eloquent.

Hand and nail care; Because the beautiful appearance of the nails has a great impact on the beauty of the appearance.

Wear elegant clothes and visit the beauty salon regularly; For beautiful looking hair.

Choosing a beautiful perfume that does not necessarily have a strong smell, but a smell that leaves a good impression.

Maintaining a smile that inspires confidence and happiness, shaking hands firmly with people, looking into their eyes, speaking calmly and clearly, standing upright, without fidgeting, and not square hands.

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