Health Benefits of drinking barley water and how to make it

Health Benefits of drinking barley water and how to make it
Health Benefits of drinking barley water and how to make it

Historians say that “barley” is the first grain that man began to cultivate about ten thousand years ago, and today “barley” is the fifth largest crop in the world, which is cultivated all over the world and on such a large scale. The reason for its cultivation is the enormous usefulness of this grain, those who have knowledge of hadith say that there are more than 21 hadiths related to the usefulness of satu (barley powder). Barley is used as a food in many ways but in this article we will mention Health Benefits of drinking barley water and how to make it

Barley is the king of beverages and has numerous health benefits as it is a nutrient-dense drink, especially as it contains a large amount of soluble and non-soluble fiber and numerous minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper) etc. and contains many vitamins as well as antioxidants and phytochemicals which are very beneficial in heart diseases and diabetes.

Health Benefits of drinking barley water and how to make it

Let’s know why we should make it a part of our daily diet.

Number 1 removes waste from the body Daily consumption of barley water helps to remove waste from our body. It does.

Number 2 eliminates urinary tract infections

Barley water is a natural medicine that has been used for centuries to cure urinary tract infections, doctors give the patient a few glasses of barley water daily until the infection is gone, in addition to Greek medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Experts say it breaks up kidney stones and flushes them out of the urinary tract.

Number 3 removes digestive disorders Soluble and non-soluble fiber in water barley plays an important role in digesting food and increasing the excretion of waste and is very beneficial for patients with diarrhea and constipation and by correcting the balance of electrolytes in the system. Eliminates existing infections.

Number 4 is weight loss Oatmeal is an elixir for weight loss because it contains two types of fiber and this fiber keeps our stomach full, which keeps us from feeling hungry again and again. It melts fat and digests food quickly.

Number 4 controls cholesterol and blood sugar The fiber and beta-glucan present in barley water, besides lowering elevated cholesterol, prevent the rapid absorption of sugar from food into the blood and are extremely beneficial for patients with type 2 diabetes. Barley water contains chemicals that normalize our body temperature and strengthen and energize our heart.

Number 5 removes grief and sadness If the amount of hormones that cause sadness and depression in the body increases, we suffer from diseases like mental stress and anxiety, water controls these increased hormones and makes us happy.

Number 6 creates the power to fight diseases in the body If we make barley water a part of our daily diet, the natural antioxidants and nutrients in barley water strengthen our body’s immunity and give it the power to fight diseases and prevent germs from causing infection. .

Number 7 strengthens bones and teeth Vitamins and minerals included in barley water especially magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and copper etc. strengthen our bones and teeth. Experts say that barley juice contains 11 times more calcium than milk, which is very beneficial for our bones.

Number 8 is very beneficial for pregnant women The powerful ingredients of barley water have very good effects on the health of pregnant women. It is very important for both the unborn child.

Number 9 is very useful in anemia Lack of blood in the body i.e. anemia is a common disease that affects women, men and children and the main reason for this disease is the lack of iron and vitamin B in the body. Barley water contains high amounts of iron and vitamin B12 and helps to increase blood production where it cleanses the blood.

Number 10 is very beneficial for skin The zinc in barley is a very useful mineral in healing our skin wounds quickly and the selenium in it improves the elasticity of our skin and keeps the skin healthy and youthful and since barley has anti-inflammatory properties, if When its water is applied on the face, it clears and fairs the complexion, helping to remove blemishes and acne scars on the face.

Number 11 makes hair healthy and long The iron and copper in barley water corrects anemia where it increases red blood cells that stop hair fall. It brings back the natural color of the hair.

How to make water barley

According to Ibn Al-Qayyum, take five times more water than the amount of barley and soak the barley in this water and then cook it until the amount of water remains three times and then use it. It is written in Firdaus Al-Hikamat that add water 15 times more than the amount of barley and then cook it until the amount of water remains at 66.7% and then use it.

In south Asia, for the centuries, the peoples are using barley water in old method

Take Ā¼ cup of barley and add four cups of water to it and cook it until it boils, then add a pinch of salt and let it cook for half an hour on low heat and after a while, stir the water with a spoon and press the barley so that it becomes soft.

Add all the ingredients to the water then take it off the heat and add a little honey and lemon in a strainer and drink it cool. Note: You can also add cinnamon, ginger, and cumin to the barley water to increase its effectiveness and taste. Consume barley water daily to reap its benefits.

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