Ultimate investigation on dengue fever and Treatment

Ultimate investigation on dengue fever and Treatment
Ultimate investigation on dengue fever and Treatment

Ultimate investigation on dengue fever and Treatment

According to modern allopathy research, if there is a simple dengue fever, then the patient should be fed from a mosquito net with medicine and Panadol should be given to keep the fever under a certain limit, then the fever will be cured by itself within a few days. It is given in the form of which everyone knows about which the most important thing is that the environment and surroundings should be kept very clean. A Muslim should also keep a lot of cleanliness because it is a part of faith but half of faith.

Now we are putting the research of medicine in front of you. In the previous episode, the important thing is that the patient feels heat and dryness innumerable, while in reality it is not his mood. Now let’s understand what the real thing.

If you look at the patient’s pulse, then the mood will appear phlegmatic, i.e. nervous, and in some small amount, you will also see the muscular mood. Medicines are essential. You have to give the important medicine for the muscular mood. For this, mix three times the equal weight of saffron and alum in the pulp of papaya. When you are able to make a pill, make pea pills or capsules and fill them for a day. I should take three times a pill and one tadu capsule should also be used depending on the age. Now, by adjusting the substance, the heat will evaporate, but all the effects will also be cured. Antibodies i.e. immunity is produced in the body, the disease heals itself and the fever is gone.

Now understand the next thing, now modern science also says that simple malaria and dengue fever are in the same category, but the difference between dengue fever is when the person is already suffering from other diseases, due to which the patient dies due to lack of platelets, blood circulation or respiratory distress. This happens especially to people who are already suffering from hepatitis. The thing to think about now is that this is not the only disease spread by mosquitoes.
Malaria first. Plasmodium is transmitted from the stomach of a female mosquito, Plasmodium, to humans and increases its growth in red blood cells RBCs.

After reaching a certain size, the red cells rupture and come out. When the new red particles enter, the human body has a fever of 103 to 104 degrees. And then the sweat that soaks the body comes and it becomes a fever. Now, in a certain period, when the plasmodium completes its cycle and starts its cycle again, the fever starts rising from the tip of the nose, that is, a circle begins, the rise and fall of the fever and with it severe physical pains especially. Sartangin Back pain Bitter mouth Nausea Nausea Lethargy and remember that with each seizure there is loss of blood because with each seizure many red cells are destroyed. Now, there are four types of malaria in terms of symptoms. According to the type of germs, there are differences in symptoms and duration of incubation.

Now, if we go ahead, there is yellow fever in front of us
Yellow fever. Just as dengue is called the fever of the Philippines and Africa, similarly yellow fever is called the fever of the coastal regions of America and Africa. Hey
This fever goes up to 103 degrees, after five days of fever, it subsides, and it usually lasts for three days.

The kidney gland is inflamed

Hiccups. Abdominal pain. Extreme weakness and slow pulse
Along with jaundice, albumin is definitely excreted in the urine, this is a special feature of this fever
Death can occur due to uremia and kidney failure, that is, the most affected
Just as the spleen enlarges in malaria, now in this fever the spleen does not enlarge, but the liver enlarges.
Black stools and black stools are caused by blood leakage in the internal organs. Acute inflammation of the vein causes the vein to burst. He was suffering from yellow fever

Now we discuss everything
Now you have seen that all the symptoms of yellow fever are the symptoms of glandular movement and inflammation and there are many points and ways for us which are visible. His mood has changed his condition and his poison, now he leaves his effects on the human body different from them. Rather, he showed more danger, which he did not show in the original environment. Now, here is the fatwa of science that he has increased his immunity. Asians, when they whiten their brown color with make-up, put hydrogen on a balloon and make golden English hair, they start thinking of themselves as European, that is, they become black English.

Now another example, just as humans look similar to each other, but the environment is different on every continent, the languages ​​are different, the accents are different, they live, eat and drink differently, in the same way the rest of the terrestrial creatures also change themselves from time to time with the influence of the environment and the weather.

Now or you can say that there are different types of mosquitoes that are similar to each other and like humans, their temperaments are also different, which is made up of food and environment. And the mosquito that swims on the water will also leave a nerve poison. Note. Here, remember one thing, the mosquito must eat bilious or mucous food, the mosquito cannot live on dry land, nor can it eat solid and dry food

All types of different foods, drugs, environment and stimuli have different effects on different people, like if an American gets anthrax, he will die, and if the same germ is transferred to a Pakistani, he will be normal.

Just as the effect of food and the effect of environmental stimuli on humans is different, in the same way, if the germs transferred from the human body find a favorable environment, they can increase their growth and can also cause damage, i.e., they can cause abnormal symptoms in specific organs. If the right environment could not be found or suitable conditions and food could not be found, then these germs cannot cause any damage to the human body. It can be reached in the regions, but having suitable environment for growth and suitable soil can make it grow. As you can see, every plant is not found in the whole country. I think that after having discussed enough with arguments, the matter would have been understood.

Now to wrap up the matter, just as the movement is changed by drugs and the environment, in the same way germs are repeatedly affected, they change the movement even in a strong and healthy person and create an unnatural state. In fact, the word purity has a very wide meaning. You should not understand purity to the extent that you just take a bath and make yourself shine by making yourself shine. In character, in speech, in clothes, in body, in elevation and in lowness of gaze, it is necessary to be pure and clean. It is not allowed to enter the area and there is no instruction to leave the area

Now, some doctors may be obstinate or because of lack of knowledge, they do not recognize germs. However, at this point, pain, swelling, pus, and wounds will definitely be created. Germs are a minor thing, but it is unscientific and irrational to take them for granted. Therefore, it is necessary for a person to protect himself from germs and the organs that transmit them.

Now you are talking about the more therapeutic treatment that is left.

The fever will be broken,

  • Hub Gul Madar,
  • Sahaga
  • Briyan Sulfur,
  • Amla Sar Gul Madar,
  • Medicine with Gul Madar,
  • Deen Albumin is also fine and fever is also fine.

Mahmood Bhatta’s job is to prove the matter according to the law of medicine by giving arguments so that the matter sits in your mind and you don’t forget it for the rest of your life. May Allah bless you with success.

Now we are talking about dengue fever, the two drugs mentioned earlier are the best, in the form of acute pain, joint pain, muscular nerve pain,

If the disease is severe, which affects the blood particles, then Zarshaq is a very good medicine.

Food, if you take tamarind made of sorghum, then it is good for gold. Zarshuk is included in the name. The rest of the bitter things are very beneficial. All the symptoms of dengue are eliminated by them.

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