Fennel flower tea recipe and benefits

Fennel flower tea recipe and benefits
Fennel flower tea recipe and benefits

Since ancient times, fennel has been used as a spice and flavoring agent for many foods and beverages. It is also used to make flavored drinks. The medicinal properties of this herb have been used since ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. According to the herbalists, this plant, its flowers and seeds are used for various traditional medicines. In Ayurveda this plant is used to treat wide rang of medicinal conditions. As the diseases are concern, this plant used for digestive, respiratory and endocrine related illnesses. Further the herbalists use it for cancer, arthritis, colic, conjunctivitis and a long list of other diseases. This plant not only beneficial for general diseases but also useful for women health problems. To aid lactating mothers needing to produce more milk its use is useful. in this article we are describing about Fennel flower tea recipe and benefits.


Fennel flower tea

Breathing problem or upset stomach. In this condition, make fennel flower tea and drink a cup of that tea and get relief from internal illness instantly. Women keep making food in a unique way in the kitchen, sometimes by adding hot spices first, sometimes by grinding them, sometimes by adding Fennel flower as a powder, sometimes by adding the spices to enhance the flavors of the food. But if they know the correct use of these foods, they can get rid of various diseases and problems.

And if we talk about hormones, the biggest problem of women today is the imbalance of hormones. For which not every woman can afford the cost of expensive medicines because all such medicines that doctors give for hormones are very expensive. And not only women there are some common problems that men also have such as breathing or asthma etc which can be controlled by these spices. Find out today at K-Food how just one cup of aniseed flower tea per day will improve your health and help protect you from various diseases to control hormone problems. Learn how to make it and its special benefits that you may not have known before today.

Ingredients for Making Fennel Tea

  • One to two Fennelflowers,
  • Two cups of water, Sugar/honey (optional)

How to make Fennel tea

Boil two cups of water and add coriander flowers to it. After that, cook on high flame for 10 minutes. Then when the color of the water changes, take it out in a cup. You can take this tea with sugar or without sugar. If you wish you can add honey instead of sugar. If you want to use Fennel flowers, you can grind them and use them as powder.

What nutrients are found in Fennel?

One fennel flower contains

  • 23 grams of calories,
  • 1 gram of protein,
  • 1 gram of fat,
  • 3 grams of carbs,
  • 1 gram of fiber,
  • 13 grams of iron,
  • 7 percent manganese,
  • 4 percent calcium,
  • 3 percent phosphorus,
  • 3 percent potassium, and
  • 3 percent copper.

Fennel flower tea benefits

Breathing problem

Breathing problems happen to anyone, whether women or men, and especially those who spend most of their time outside the house, due to dust and garbage particles entering the nose, breathing problems also occur. But drinking a cup of Fennel tea daily will also clear your nasal blockage and cure your breathing problem.

Keep balance in the hormones

Women have a lot of hormonal problems, so you should drink this tea daily in the morning, and if you are a diabetic, do not use sugar at all. The effectiveness of nutrients should take effect quickly.

Upset stomach

Whether you eat full of food or eat less, the stomach can sometimes get upset, whenever you have an upset stomach, you should drink Fennel tea and sprinkle a little black salt in it so that your stomach is also healthy and cholesterol should also be removed from the body.

Relief Joint problems

Joint problems remain with women and they continue to use medicines, sometimes they massage, sometimes they tie hot bandages along with all this, when the pain is severe, immediately drink a cup of Fennel tea to give instant relief. Has the power of also, you can use it daily at any time of the day.

Burning hands and feet

If you often complain of burning sensation in your legs and feet before going to bed at night, you should drink a cup of Fennel tea before going to bed as it contains relaxing ingredients that help reduce the burning sensation.

10 Amazing Benefits of Fennel Flowers

There is hardly any household where coriander flowers are not used in food. It is such a great gift of nature which is used not only in food but also in the treatment of various diseases.

Following are some of the benefits of Fennel.

Liver: Fennel roots are useful in liver diseases. Fennel roots are used in stomach, liver and kidney diseases. Constipation : Fennel 6 grams and Sanamaki 6 grams, both of them are boiled and strained and mixed with sugar as required and drunk, constipation will continue.

Depression: Those who have complaints of panic and fear and rapid heart beat, take 5 grams of Fennel, 5 grams of gul ghauzban, mix it with a spoonful of honey and drink it in the morning for a few days, it is very useful.

Acidity: Grind Fennel and multhi mukhshir by weight and keep it. Taking 6.6 grams of Fennel syrup in the morning, afternoon, and evening before meals is beneficial in stomach irritation and acidity.

Stomach Evaporation: Evaporation is very useful in the stomach due to its laxative properties. It calms the mind. People with flatulence should grind Fennel and eat 5.5 grams in the morning and evening after meals or drink it with excitement.

Evaporation: Grind Fennel and cardamom seeds by weight and wash them with 2.2 grams of fresh water twice a day after dinner. Plain Vision: It is useful to drink 5 grams of Fennel root along with a glass of carrot juice continuously for a few days.

Burning hands and feet: People who complain of burning hands and feet, such people should drink 6 grams of Fennel fresh water daily, it will be beneficial.

Child’s breath: Infants usually suffer from stomach ailments, among which flatulence is the most common. It is useful to feed such children with 6 grams of Fennel josh, one spoon each 4 or 5 times a day. Vomiting, retching, nausea: 3 grams of Fennel, 3 grams of mint, 1 gram of cinnamon, 3 grams of green cardamom, boil and drink.

Lack of appetite: Those who complain of lack of appetite should drink the following drink for 15 days. The hunger will feel good, 6 grams of dry mint, 6 grams of Fennel, 9 grains of moose mince, 5 pieces of boiled potato, boiled in half a glass of water and filtered and taken daily in the morning.

Fennel extract: Fennel extract is also distilled, which has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. It is good for the stomach and intestines, carminative and diuretic.

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