What is evil eye and how does it affect the human body

What is evil eye and how does it affect the human body
What is evil eye and how does it affect the human body

What is evil eye and how does it affect the human body?

What is evil eye and how does it affect the human body?

They say that an evil eye eats a mountain and an evil eye kills a person, but many people do not believe in this.

The famous American writer Robert Fulgham writes in his book “All I really need to know I learn in kindergarten) that the tribes living on the Solomon Island of Africa, when they intend to use the wood of a tree, they choose a green tree. They do not cut it, the people of the Solomonic tribes gather around that tree and start praying to it and then in a few days the tree dries up and then they cut it down and use its wood.

Does the evil eye affect the human body? Science does not yet believe that because science rejects anything it cannot test in the laboratory, but those who read metaphysics know this. Evil affects the human body and damages the body in the form of invisible waves. To further understand this, there is a tradition that a king’s daughter fell ill and all the doctors in the country failed to cure her. came to the court and asked the king for permission to treat the princess.

The king called the royal physician and asked him to inquire from this person how he will treat the princess. I will recite some words and blow which will make her well. The doctor smiled and sarcastically said that sometimes diseases are cured even by reading words and then told the king that this person is a liar and wasting our time. The man said, I can now prove that words have an effect on the body.

The king allowed him to prove his point, then the man uttered some rude words about the royal physician, on which the royal physician became very angry and asked the king to punish this insolent person. On this, the man addressed the king saying, “Your Highness, my few words have quickened the circulation of the blood in the body of the royal physician. You can see the physician’s eyes and his cheeks turning red, and it is beyond his control, and if This is how bad words affect the body, so good words can heal the body.

How does evil eye affect the body?

An evil eye is the eye of the devil, and envy is hidden behind an evil eye, from which Allah Himself says in His Book of the Qur’an, “Seek Allah’s refuge from the evil of the envious.”

When a person goes home under an evil eye, the following signs appear on his body.

  • He suddenly feels weakness and stiffness in the body without any reason.
  • Eyes start watering
  • He ends up feeling hungry for no reason.
  • His face starts to turn pale or yellow.
  • Worry over the smallest and trivial matters surrounds him and seriously damages his courage.
  • He feels tightness and heaviness in the chest.
  • The body becomes sluggish and the ability to work is lost.
  • Nausea and dizziness for no other reason.
  • The headache starts to become constant or he gets a migraine and feels heavy in the head.
  • A man does not like to meet his friends and relatives in case of sight.
  • Business starts to suffer or property suffers

Ways to Avoid the Evil Eye

A person usually invites the evil eye to eat him, your good clothes, your good food, your progress, your beauty, good children, obedience to parents, your generosity, your good conduct, your beautiful speech, Your popularity among people etc. All these qualities make the envious people to envy you, and nowadays your progress on social media is visible to everyone when you post a beautiful picture and good food on social media. There are many whose hearts’ jealousy is awakened by seeing those pictures and causes your loss.

2 incidents in Surah Yusuf advise us to avoid the evil eye, one is when Mr. Yusuf was told by his father not to tell his dream to his brothers (they will become jealous of you) and the other is when the father told his sons. Before entering the palace, he was told not to enter the palace together, but to enter separately (so as to avoid the evil eye).

These examples prove that it is important to avoid the eyes of people. This is the meaning of the saying of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) “Before fulfilling your needs, act secretly because every blessed person is envied.” ” (Al-Salsilah Al-Saiha 257).

The best way to remove the eyes is to read the first and last four verses of Durood Sharif, blow on the hands, turn the hands over the whole body, and ask Allah for protection from the evil of the envious, and if possible, feed a poor person with you. .

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